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Sapam Shyamananda

Mon, Apr 20, 2020 Thought Provoking
My Running Shoes!!

Hello There,

How have you been buddy?? Let me tell you few things straight from the heart.

1. For 31 days, Yes for 31 days to be precise, you left me in the same spot. Yes the same spot. Didn't you feel the cobwebs and the fungus growing inside me??

2. From January to March, you used me for 3 half marathons - Chennai Runners, Auroville and... Read more
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L Nishikanta Singh

Sat, Mar 21, 2020 Thought Provoking
In California more then 25 million could be infected with Corona virus in next 8 weeks 👇
On the other hand in my neighborhood and locality, people apparantly have not realised how real and serious is this threat. We must do all to prevent its spread and may the Munficance of the Almighty be with us always and everytime #ThoughtProvoking
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